Some of the best places to visit in Dooars

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Dooars have become a very popular tourist spot over the years for its amazing wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. It is located in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in northeast India around Bhutan. Dooars came from ‘duar’ which means ‘doors’ in the local language, the reason behind this name is because this area has a total of 18 passages that serves the purpose of the gateway between India and Bhutan. It is pure heaven for nature lovers as this place is very rich in vegetation with a variety of wildlife starting from one-horned rhinos to leopards and wild elephants to different species of deer. Some of the most highlighted places in Dooars are listed below.


  1. Gorumara National park

It is located in the Terai region and is famous for its one-horned rhinos. This national park is spread over an area of 80 square kilometers and has mixed vegetation of forest and grasslands. In the year 1949 it was given a status of a wildlife sanctuary and later in 1994 it was declared as a National Park. Several watchtowers were built here for the tourists to spot the wildlife from a safe distance, and the jeep safari is a must to explore inside of the park.


  1. Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary

It is an extension of the Gorumara National Park which is also quite famous for its jeep safaris. A river named Murti river divides the two national parks. It is popular for its home species of Elephants and Bison.


  1. Jaldapara National park

Located at a distance of 1 hour 30 minutes from Murti River is this National Park. Jaldapara is well known for its elephant safari to spot other wild animals like leopards, tigers, bison and many more. It is spread over an area of 141 square kilometers and is rich in flora and fauna, perennial streams, sandy rivers, and tall grasses.


  1. Chukchuki Bird watching point

This is the ultimate paradise for the photographers as it is situated in the extreme border of the Gorumara national park and is a perfect point for watching hundreds of birds and other wildlife. Many migratory birds are also seen here seasonally and the peacocks are seen here very often.


  1. Latpanchore

It is a small village at the hilltop on the Mahanada wildlife sanctuary which is bordered by forests that is rich in Cinchona plantation. Only a British bungalow is present in t e middle which is the forest bungalow. Trekkers can trek up to Namthing Pokhri and the sunrise from Aahal Pick is the ultimate delight.


  1. Sumsing and Suntalekhola

This is a very serene place considered to be the best for nature lovers. The best part of this place is its stay, from where tourists can hear the splashing noise of numerous streams, and the bungalow is surrounded by hills. It is among the most picturesque places in Dooars.


  1. Buxa Tiger reserve

It has the second most tiger population after Sunderban, in West Bengal. Though spotting the tigers is quite a thing now. This reserve has jeep safaris and elephant safaris. Mostly tourists prefer to explore the reserve by the elephant safari.


  1. Rocky Island

It is a new tourist place located on the banks of the river Murti. The river is surrounded by forests and is an excellent place for camping. Small tents are available here for overnight tourists. Spending some time there by dipping the feet in the cold river water is the best thing to do while camping here.

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