Shyamsundarpur,An Incredible Weekend Destination Near Kolkata

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Shyamsundarpur is a charming rural location which is situated on the edge of Hooghly river. It is 51km from Kolkata and lies near the port-town of Falta.  Away from the city crowd and routine busy life, the place provides a perfect pleasure  to rejuvenate the tired body and mind. Situated on the banks of Hooghly river, which is broader here than upstream, the place offers a great view of the mighty river.  The view of the setting sun against the backdrop of the Hooghly River is mesmerising. During sunset, the sky becomes the canvas where different shades of the sunlight. The view of the river and chirping of the birds makes the morning very pleasant. Time flies by sitting on the banks of the river, watching the waves striking and the sailing of ships/cargo vessels up and down the river. It is very exciting to watch these large vessels coming from different parts of the world. The sound of the water and the crashing waves not only makes it soothing to the ears but the environment itself is also very serene.

Places to see near Shyamsundarpur :

Diamond Harbour and Raichak :

Diamond Harbour which is about half an hour drive from the resort. At Diamond Harbour you can see the old fort remains and drive by or relax by the riverside road.

Raichak is just nearby and there you can witness the sunset over Fort Raichak.

Dutch Harbour and Old Port :

During the colonial era, the Dutches had made a Harbour here for business which was later acquired by the British. You can experience a slice of history at Harbour and Old Port in Falta. You can also do boating here.

Noorpur :

The next nearby spot is Noorpur situated on the same bank of Hooghly. There is a lighthouse which dates back to the colonial times which was built by the British to counter the pirates or any external threats from sea.

Mayapuri Kanan :

The garden house of renowned scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose who discovered existence of life in plants.

Time to Visit :

Though it can be visited all the year round, but Shyamsundarpur is pleasant during the winter months of October to February. The monsoon displays the other picture of the mighty Hooghly river here with raging waves and winds.

How to reach  :

It is situated 51km from Kolkata and takes approximately one and a half hour drive to reach this beautiful place. Also State Govt. and private buses ply from Esplanade to Falta/Shaymsundarpur/Diamond Harbour route.

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