1. Get a map of the destination you are planning to visit and mark down where you want to go.
  2. Email yourself or carry a copy of all important information like airline numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers, driving license number and your itinerary.
  3. Find out how much luggage you are allowed to take if you are traveling by air. Travel Light, as you may need space for the new thing you shop.
  4. Use resealable food bags to put in toiletries; it shall save your clothes etc from spillages
  5. Pack a complete medical kit with your personal medicines and general ones like Crocin/Paracetamol,Saridon,Norfolx TZ/Lemolate,Metrozyl,Volinj Spray,Band aid,Crepe Bandage
  6. Never take the weather for granted. Get a feel and know how will be the weather (At the time of your travel period) of your proposed destination and pack accordingly.
  7. Arrange in advance for any of your personal dietary requirements with the people you are going to stay with.
  8. Inform someone about your trip and tell to hear your call on safe arrival to the scheduled destination.
  9. When Traveling with kids, carry enough of sweets, snacks, and drinks. Try not accepting favors from strangers.
  10. If you are supposed to arrive late at the destination then pack you pajamas on the top to avoid inconvenience in order to find them in your baggage.
  11. Use the assistance of local tourist guides who are authorized by the government or known to the people you are staying with.
  12. Know your camera well, else you could miss the shot of your love once with a smile.