Himachal Pradesh- Beauty at its Best!

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Himachal Pradesh can be easily said to be one of the most beautiful states in incredible India. The stellar Himalayas dominate much of the state’s landscape that comprises of hills, plains, lakes, and rivers. This awe-inspiring beauty catches the essential standards of the state’s massive Himalayan Alps, its luxuriant forest, picturesque hamlets and neatly planned cities and towns. The extravagant beauty of Himachal Pradesh displays unique transformational kaleidoscope throughout different seasons. Himachal Pradesh feeds the Indus and the Ganges. Himachal Pradesh will weave unforgettable memories for you. This scenic state will greet you with an assortment of green meadows, snow-peaked mountains, meandering streams, apple orchards and much more. This enigmatic place is your actual dreamland. This is a fascinating paradise for all kinds of tourists. You don’t have to ponder over which places to visit. Travelites is here to give you a rundown of a few of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

The unparalleled beauty of its picturesque pastoral landscape prods a divine intervention in the deepest abyss of the human hearts. The jagged skyline changes its image with its peripheral beauties. Its splendid camaraderie with snow paints a pristine white picture of the place. Whereas the sun’s rays make the peaks dazzle in golden. Single summits, or pride of powerful peaks, mountains are the predominant feature of the entire scene. Himachal Pradesh has attained perfection in splendor. Though playing second fiddle to the lofty mountains, the lakes of Himachal Pradesh are no less gorgeous. The calm and glittering lakes situated high above in the mountains provides a sweeping view of the Majestic Himalayas.

Shimla- The famous tourist spot of Shimla which is the capital of Himachal Pradesh lies in the North-western ranges of the Himalayas. Shimla is without question the ‘Queen of Hills’. This slice of Himachal Pradesh has scores of visitors from India and abroad nearly all year through. Very rightly called the summer capital of India, Shimla was actually the summer capital of the British in 1864. Shimla also has Victorian-era architectures and a very popular Mall Road. Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was a frequent visitor here during the middle of the 1930s? A ride in the iconic toy train in Shimla is like going back in time. The track is full of beautiful sceneries peppered with pine forests and verdant mountains. The mesmerising chain of peaks stretches away as far as the eye can see. The city generates an atmosphere of regal India that is hard to match.

When does it snow in Shimla? This is a question that people ask me all the time. People who are deprived of this phenomenon wish to visit Shimla when it snows. And that is pretty normal. Because when it snows, Shimla looks stunning. Shimla normally gets snowfall during the X-mas time or in the last week of December. Visit Shimla during the chilly winters and apart from enjoying in the snow; also indulge in the ice-skating carnival and winter sports. After all, Shimla has the only natural ice-skating rink in entire South Asia. So book a trip to Shimla now with your trusted travel partner- Travelites.

Kullu is a beautiful valley which has quite a few temples. This charming place is covered with luxuriant Pine and Deodar trees. Kullu has a height of 1230 meters and is one of the most visited places in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful Beas River flows through the resort town of Kullu. Kullu has a very pleasant climate; neither too hot nor too cold. The attractive topography of Kullu is enhanced by Chandrataal Lake, Beas Kund, etc. For a first time visitor to Himachal Pradesh, Kullu should be in your list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Kullu has lots of staying options suited for all kinds of budgets.

Manali- Manali is so beautiful that you won’t feel like leaving the place at all. The snow-topped mountains, the bewitching glacier melted brooks, all these and more scenic beauty awaits you to this fairyland called Manali. The hills come alive with the chirping of the winged friends and the rustling of the leaves of the Pine trees. Manali will bring out some aspects of you which were either lying under layers of work or you didn’t even know it was there. The photographer in you will go on an overdrive, your romantic side will be rekindled and your adrenaline will start pumping harder. If you are going on a customized tour with Travelites, I suggest you do not rush and just experience the tip of the ice-bergs, if you planning to spend two nights, upgrade it to three nights. The mesmerising beauty of Manali draws crowds not only from India but from abroad also.

Manali is only 40km from Kullu. Manali, the epitome of beauty, lies on the banks of River Beas. Manali lies between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. Even the air in Manali smells aromatic. Manali has tiny villages, posh streets, temples, museums, local markets, cafes, etc. Manali’s historical significance lies in the Naggar Castle which was once the home of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. Though it’s known as the honeymooner’s Heaven, Manali is a hill station for all travel purpose. You can also engage in a host of adventure activities. A string of sulphur springs and cascading waterfalls add to the glory of Manali.

Chamba is another jewellery that adorns the state of Himachal. It ecstatically sits on the banks of River Ravi. Chamba specializes in Pahari paintings which dates back sometime between the 17th and 19th century. Rippling streams, old temples, grassy fields, and pristine lakes dress up the Chamba Valley. The stunning Shivalik Ranges encircles the town of Chamba. The tranquil environment surrounded by the big Himalayas makes it a very renowned hill station for scores of tourists.

Dharamshala – Did you know that Dharmashala is also called the Little Lhasa. Dharmashala is positioned in the picturesque Kangra valleys. Dharmashala is a very famous tourist destination because of its scenic beauty and for the Holy presence of Dalai Lama. Dharmashala holds a stupendous amount of beauty in its pleats; there are bushy deodar and pine trees surrounding this beautiful place, there are also snow-topped mountains and ancient monasteries that beautify this place. Dharmashala can be divided into two parts: upper Dharamshala and lower Dharamshala. Both present uniquely charming pictures.

Dalhousie is one of the most unspoiled hilly destinations in Himachal Pradesh and in entire India. This little town was founded in 1854 by the British. This snow-laden town with duly planned streets is lined with architectures from the colonial times. Dalhousie is nestled among verdant green surroundings and has attractive pine-clad valleys.

So what are you waiting for? Call Travelites now and book your Himachal Holiday with Travelites. Visit these fantastic locations in this year only.

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