Bungkulung, an Unexplored Paradise near Mirik


Bungkulung is an offbeat tourist destination in North Bengal. It is located at a height of about 2040 ft and surrounded by hill, jungle, tea garden and river. Balasun river passes through the village and a small stream named Murmah Khola passes through Bungkulung to become a tributary of Balasun nearby. There are tea gardens such as Murmah Tea garden and Gayabari Tea Garden located nearby. One can find peace of mind and enjoy the silence of nature for a couple of nights by being here.

The proximity of Bungkulung to Siliguri, the major town of North Bengal, is also an advantage. The village can be reached in about 1.5 hours from Siliguri via SiliguriMirik road. Though There is some tourist movement to the village now, the large potential of the village largely remains untapped even today. Activities such as small hikes, fishing, camping etc. can be undertaken here.

Bunkulung is one of the best examples of ecotourism in North Bengal. The local farming produces varieties of fruits and vegetables that is of very high quality. The village is dominantly populated by the Limbus of the Gorkha community. This beautiful name, Bunkulung is a combination of Lepcha and Limbu language.

Things to do at Bungkulung

You will never feel bore in this place. If you are adventurous then enjoy camping and picnics on the banks of River Balasun or take a dip in the chilly waters of this river. You can also enjoy angling in the nearby rivers or indulge in horse riding through the paddy fields, mountains and tea gardens. Take a stroll along the picturesque landscape of Bunkulung.

Enthusiast tourists can enquire for the local cultural program, organized in open air with barbeque and campfire. You can also enjoy village treks to various nearby villages around Bungkulung.

Climate at Bungkulung

Bungkulung is located in the Balasun river valley. The altitude of the place is just over 2000 feet which makes its weather more akin to that of the plains. Summer month of May can be warm. Rest of the year weather is quite pleasant; winter is cold and monsoon witness very heavy shower.

Local People at Bungkulung

A large number of local people are dependent on agriculture and cultivation in the paddy fields. As tourism is getting popular in the village, local villagers are also engaging themselves as guide, transporter and hosts apart from cultivation. Villagers are also working in the tea gardens nearby. A part of the villagers is from Limbu community though other hilly tribes also live here. Nepali is the local language here though Hindi, English and Bengali are widely understood.

Best time to visit Bunkulung

You can visit Bunkulung any time of the year. In the rainy season, the whole of Bunkulung is shrouded in green and in the winters when the millet and paddy ripe, the endless stretches of golden-brown cover the mountain slopes of Bunkulung.

How to Reach at Bungkulung

Bungkulung is only 34 km from Siliguri and 35 km from Bagdogra (the major airport in North Bengal). It takes around 1 hour and 30 mints from Siliguri or Bagdogra to reach Bungkulung. People can reserve a car and drive till Soureni and take right turn to reach Bungkulung via Manju Park. There is also a direct road which originates close to Dudhia.


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