Authentic Cashew of Jhargram

The cashew is derived from the Portuguese name ‘caju’ or ‘acaju’. This is a tropical tree. Originated in Brazil the tree grows very tall. Cashew has several health benefits. It should be consumed every day. Cashew is an ingredient in making many recipes also apart from being eaten raw. Cashew can be called the magic ingredient as it can make any boring meal tasty in a jiffy. This tasty fruit should be included in your everyday diet.  They are full of iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc.

The cashew in West Bengal is mainly grown in East Medinipur, Contai, Jhargram, and surrounding areas. Why is our Cashew special? This cashew is cultivated by a famous welfare society in Jhargram. They are manually plucked. The skins are also removed manually. These cashews are original, intact, double Cashew that is not treated with preservatives or any synthetic material. They are sweet in nature and perfect for cooking and eating. Buy the authentic Jhargram Cashew from Foundation.

Its consistency – 60% W240 and 40% W320.

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*Benefits of Cashew*
– Maintains a Healthy Heart
– Prevents Blood Disease
– Protects the Eye
– Very good for Skin
– Helps in Weight Loss

*MRP Prices Quoted*
*1KG: INR.950*
*500G: INR.550*
*250G: INR.275*
*100G: INR.120*

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