Aruni,The Uncanny Beauty in The Bank of Quiet Flowing River Ajoy

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Enjoy the uncanny beauty  in the bank of quiet flowing river Ajoy, far from the city Madding Crowd, flank by Burdwan & Birbhum on either side. This picturesque setting host kenduli Mela, treasured with the legacy of Poet extraordinary Joydev. Kenduli fair is acclaimed internationally for assembly of Bauls and holy Bathin ajoy during the fair.

Now, Aruni Banashram is all ready to welcome you for a weekend break Red brick layered pathway, hugged by a natural forestry with variety of known & unknown trees, Sonajhuri, Neem. Ucalyptus,ashok, Sal, Teak, Simul, Palash all ready to add color to your holiday spirit. There Sunlight’s plays through the leaves with butterflies dancing on flowers in search of honey, while birds are tweeting to complete the backdrop. Phinge, doyel, titir, bulbul,Kingfisher, dahuk will give you the company as you stroll on the pathway. Ajay with teal in its bed, and fishermen on the water will complete the collage of natural pristine beauty.

Aruni is in that spot with its sprawling 20 bigha compound, just 185 Km off Kolkata. Four clay rooms in traditional with thatched roof is your own viewpoint to take a lazy look at Ajay, its sandy bank while enjoying the natural unpolluted air. Your evening with setting sun will make it more enjoyable than the sunlit day itself. Moonlight will create its mystique effect on the River, setting the stage for Baul to share their will render their music.

Places to see near Aruni:

kenduli village, the birthplace of Joydev, the Nabaratna Temple of Radhabinod with its terracotta work will impress you and beacon to explore more in the temple of Bilwamongal , 3 Km off.

Gourangapur a sparsely populated nearby village in the midst of a dense forest host a historic Shiva Temple, Gorjangal. The temple of Ichai Ghosh, the courtier of king Laxman Sen, the temple of goddess shyamrupa , located 3km off in the dense forest, the deity he worshipped, are all waiting to be explored and worshipped. Legend has it that this temple was built by King Laxman Sen himself and even to day on sandhi Puja, gunfire shot could be heard.

The compound of Aruni is complete with fruit bearing trees like, Mango, Jackfruit, Lemon, Roseapple, Arabian dates, Bay leaves etc. The vegetables that we will serve are homemade green free from chemicals.

How to reach  :

You can visit us by car enroute Durgapur Expressway via Panagarh, Muchipara by taking a journey of three hours. You can also come by bus to City Center from where we will pick you up at a modest expense of rs 700 app. If you come from Bolepur, you have to spent a little more for a car travel.

Pocket Pinch :

As we shared in earlier paragraphs, we have one two bedded, two four bedded and a lone six bedded accommodation. We all have 5 tents with all amenities. All inclusive cost in room will be Rs 1550 per head while it will be Rs 1150 in Tents. We can arrange baul performance or adivasi dance at extra cost. All Covid protocols are strictly observed in Aruni Banashram.


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